An Introduction to Rubies

What’s a Ruby?

In its easiest phrases, a ruby is a purple gemstone extra formally known as aluminum oxide. The identify ruby comes from the Latin time period ruber which means purple and the redness of the stone comes from the presence of the aspect chromium. The ruby is considered one of 4 treasured stones, the opposite being sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. A ruby is a part of the corundum household of gem stones and can also be typically known as a purple sapphire.

The place are Rubies discovered?

Pure sources for rubies produce the best examples of the stone; the primary areas for mining rubies embody Burma (now known as Myanmar), Thailand, Cambodia and in smaller portions Afghanistan.

Different sources of rubies embody Pakistan, US, Africa, Nepal, Vietnam and a few states within the Russian republics.

Completely different Kinds of Rubies

There are lots of varieties of rubies, however on the whole the most well-liked one are:

Burmese Rubies

These are one of many best qualities of rubies and emanate primarily from the Mogok valley area of Burma. Deep purple in color, a key aspect of those rubies is the actual fact they’ve few marks or blemishes, that is not like rubies from different areas world wide.

Thailand Rubies

These are additionally high-quality rubies, second solely to the Burmese rubies in high quality and are mined in areas in direction of the South-east of Bangkok. They’re much darker than the Burmese rubies as a result of along with Chromium, additionally they incorporates traces of iron. When it comes to color, they’re liable to have traces of Brown or Burgundy

Tanzanian Rubies

Mined close to the Songea area in Tanzania, the worth of those rubies tends to extend as the scale reduces and they’re purple/blue/purple in color, much like Garnet.

Madagascan Rubies

This space is one other nice supply of rubies, and these are a more moderen phenomenon than the opposite rubies talked about. The rubies are present in rocks within the Vatomandry area of Madagascar. The rubies are typically Crimson, Pink and Orange when it comes to colouring and highlights.

Afghan Rubies

The Badakshan and Jagdalek areas of Afghanistan are the widespread sources for Afghan rubies. The Jagdalek rubies are additionally purple in color. As a result of latest troubles in Afghanistan, it has not been a extensively obtainable supply of rubies in latest occasions.

Important Makes use of for Rubies

By far the most well-liked use for rubies is in several types of jewellery reminiscent of rings, earrings, necklaces and so forth. Rubies are additionally utilized in lasers for the removing of tattoos and different markings.

The Typical Value of a Ruby

There are lots of components which assist in figuring out the value of a ruby; the primary components are:

  • Color – probably the most beneficial rubies are these which might be the brightest, a type of purple known as pigeon blood purple. These rubies command a a lot bigger worth than different rubies.
  • Readability – no rubies are free from imperfections, however these with fewer marks will command a premium. Beware as a result of a transparent flawless ruby could point out it has been handled to take away imperfections.
  • Minimize and carat measurement – in different phrases, the burden and the lower of the ruby may even have a giant bearing on worth.

Depending on the above components, rubies can price anyplace from a number of to tens of 1000’s of .


Rubies are very talked-about for jewellery or as unfastened gem stones and might be mined from many areas on this planet, however in the primary, probably the most plentiful provide is in Asia and Africa. The pigeon blood purple rubies are probably the most beneficial due to the deepness of the color and the few mark and blemishes they’ve. These rubies are mostly present in Myanmar (Burma).