Information To Jewelery And Antalya

The oldest metallic recognized on this world is the gold. It got here into use in 5000 BC There are a lot to say about gold. It’s doable to check its worth with solely its personal worth. As in lots of languages, gold doesn’t solely have bodily which means in Turkish but additionally symbolizes magnificence, goodness and wealth. The commonest utterance used about gold in Turkish is "He has a coronary heart of gold." Gold, starting from its utilization as cash, can also be utilized in making necklaces, bracelets, for the ornament of garments (sim), and in frescos and tiles. In Jewelery in Turkey, Antalya has been the middle after Istanbul within the final 5 years. There are four massive jewelery factories and greater than 1000 jewelery outlets which magnetize consideration with the standard and richness of their designs which enhance daily.

As a result of labor is affordable in Antalya, it’s in competitors with the opposite markets.


The carat utilized in gold in Turkey is 24/18/14. The carat of gold is stamped on all of the gold merchandise. The alloys of gold with different metals will increase its diploma of hardness. Copper + gold type purple gold; silver + gold type yellow gold, platinum + gold type white gold. Pendants and different gold merchandise obtained from these combos of gold have been slightly well-known. An important handcrafted gold work, which isn’t present in every other nation on this planet, is "Trabzon Produced" bracelets and pendants. This marvel of jewelery, which is woven like material is produced within the Blaksea area in Turkey, particularly in Trabzon (it will get its title from this metropolis) the place it was first produced. In Turkey gold is most popular with out stones.


In Turkey, silver work was began in the course of the Selcuk and the Ottaman durations as a substitute for gold in bracelet, ring, pendant … and so on. manufacturing. Silver has a vital place within the Turkoman (nomad) tradition. The silver decoration worn on the brow, (which is made by utilizing silver cash), silver rings and silver pendants with agate are differing types. Silver bracelets, pendants, and rings are bought in a number of outlets in Antalya.