Iridescent Abalone Jewellery

From the skin, the abalone is a chunky, plain wanting mollusk with a thick irregular shell from the genus Haliotis. When opened nevertheless, the abalone reveals a shimmering, iridescent inside product of nacre, the substance secreted by sure mollusks as a way to insulate the shell and to carry off bacterial infections and parasites. Whenever you understand that nacre is what mollusks used to type pearls, it’s no shock to search out that abalone is prized in jewellery making and integrated into many different units and merchandise.

Abalone is valued for the wealthy shade of its nacre which might vary from silvery white to green-red to deep blues, purples and pinks relying on the species. The abalone will be discovered worldwide however primarily in South Africa, California, the Channel Islands, Japan and New Zealand.

Paua is the identify given to abalone from New Zealand within the Maori language. Paua shells are extraordinarily common for jewellery making, as they’ve a putting blue, inexperienced and purple iridescence that distinguishes this species from the opposite varieties.

Because of its exceptionally sturdy shell and startling pure loveliness, abalone shell had typically been carved and polished into jewellery for hundreds of years. This materials has discovered its method into trendy jewellery as nicely. With its skill to catch the sunshine and throw again a wide ranging number of colours and sheen, abalone shell makes lovely earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants when inlaid into sterling silver setting.

Abalone jewellery is obtainable in a variety of kinds, from modern up to date designs to Victorian kinds. It’s also possible to discover abalone dangle earrings in all sizes and styles, abalone cross pendants and abalone coronary heart rings. A talented artist may even carve a bit of shell right into a tiny, wearable sculpture. Abalone jewellery is taken into account natural jewellery, which means that it originates from a dwelling creature or plant.

The shell of the abalone additionally has different makes use of. It may be reduce into numerous shapes and laminated to ceramic tile or as inlays on furnishings and musical devices such because the guitar. It may also be used for ornamental functions on mirrors, trinket containers and handmade containers.

Slightly care to your abalone jewellery will guarantee it nonetheless brings you a lifetime of enjoyment. Use a humid delicate fabric to wash your abalone jewellery. By no means use abrasives or chemical compounds or an ultrasonic cleaner. Additionally it is advisable that you just take away your abalone jewellery while you do gardening or train to guard it from exhausting knocks.