Jewellery Making – What’s Annealing?

Annealing is a crucial a part of the jewellery making course of, and is mainly the place steel is heated to make it tender in order that it may be manipulated and labored with. You'll require some particular instruments for jewellery making to handle the method, and on this article we run by means of simply what’s concerned.

The method will range relying on the steel that you’re working with as a result of every steel has a special melting level. For instance, if you’re working with copper it has a excessive melting level, and would require lots of annealing, whereas when you work with gold it’s naturally versatile and should require no annaning in any respect.

The most typical software utilized by jewelers within the annealing course of is a torch, which could be propane or pure fuel. Whenever you use the torch the flame must be held over the steel on the level the place the blue and yellow elements of the flame intersect. As the colour of the steel adjustments it turns into extra versatile, and through the use of the proper warmth this could take not more than 30 seconds. The temperatures at which metals anneal are:

  • Copper 1110 levels,
  • Silver 1110 levels
  • Platinum 1110 levels
  • White Gold 1200 levels
  • Gold 1200 levels

If you’re utilizing wire steel to make jewellery and you’ve got entry to a kiln, then this could be a helpful various to a torch. However a kiln will not be one of many customary instruments for jewellery making , and once you first begin out you don’t want something greater than a handheld torch.