The Diamond in Your Jewelery Is a Billion Years Outdated

Diamonds are Nonetheless a Lady’s greatest good friend however do you know …

The phrase “diamond” comes from the Greek phrase “adamas” which means unconquerable and indestructible Historic Greeks believed that diamonds had been splinters of stars that had fallen to heaven others that diamonds had been the tears of the Gods.

Diamonds are fashioned deep beneath the earth’s floor. They’re made up of pure carbon which has been positioned below immense stress for a lot of many tens of millions of years. The extraordinary warmth produced as a consequence of this stress hardens the carbon.

Diamonds are produced from the identical materials that the lead in your pencil or coal is product of. The one distinction is that atoms are organized extra tightly in a diamond, which makes them more durable. This bond is fashioned when carbon is uncovered to excessive temperatures and really excessive stress.

Diamonds are transported to the earths floor by volcanic exercise.

The melting level of a diamond is 3547 levels C (6420 F).

To supply a single one carat diamond, some 250 tons of earth must be mined.

The diamond is the toughest pure substance discovered within the earth which means nothing on earth can scratch it. You may scratch the diamond on a chunk of glass or mirror. In case your diamond will get scratched, then it’s not an actual real diamond. If it’s the glass or mirror that’s scratched, then your diamond is real.

The earliest document of a person giving a diamond to a girl goes again to 1477 when the Archduke of Austria obtained a diamond to Mary of Burgundy.

The Diamond is the birthstone of individuals born in April and diamonds worn in historical instances had been believed to a supply of energy, braveness and invincibility.

Most diamonds present in nature are between 1 and three billion years outdated.

A diamond will lose roughly half of its weight through the means of chopping and sprucing.

Solely 20% of the Worlds diamonds are appropriate to be used as jewellry.

Diamonds can be brown, inexperienced, blue, orange, purple, pink and black.

Diamonds had been first found in India.

The biggest diamond ever discovered weighed 3106 carats.

So whenever you subsequent take a look at your diamond ring or diamond encrusted watch take a second to mirror on one in all natures treasures and what it has taken to place it there.