The Historical past of Engagement Rings and Wedding ceremony Bands

Lately, many individuals take marriage ceremony bands and engagement rings as a right, and though they provide these lovely gadgets of jewellery with integrity and love, they’re usually given with no actual information of the that means behind them.

Each marriage ceremony bands and engagement rings are very particular gadgets of jewellery; in actual fact, they’re extra than simply jewellery – they’re the symbols of many feelings and guarantees corresponding to:

  • Love
  • Dedication
  • Constancy
  • Eternity
  • Honour

However the place – and why – did these standard and nostalgic items of jewellery stem from?

The Historical past Of Wedding ceremony Bands

These things of jewellery have a historical past that spans many centuries and passes by means of many international locations from throughout the planet. Beneath, you can see a short historical past of the marriage and engagement ring, as reported from nation to nation.


The now-famous marriage ceremony band is believed to have originated in Historical Egypt, the place it’s mentioned that plant sections had been common in to circles to suggest endless and immortal love. It was thought that the fourth finger (which we now know because the ring finger) contained a particular vein that was related on to the guts, and subsequently this grew to become the official finger for the marriage band.


The Romans additionally agreed with the Egyptians with reference to the marriage ring finger and its that means, however reasonably than providing marriage ceremony bands as an emblem of affection, they awarded them as an emblem of possession. Roman males would “declare” their lady with the giving of a hoop.


Puzzle rings had been a posh kind of jewellery that had been as soon as standard in Asia, and these jewels had the charming knack of with the ability to collapse and put again collectively once more – in the event you knew how to do that, in fact. Rich Center Japanese males then started to make use of these rings as marriage ceremony bands for his or her wives, who had been usually pressured to put on a puzzle ring when their husband was away. The husband would know upon his return whether or not any of his wives had been disloyal by eradicating the ring while he was away, as a result of the ring was designed to break down upon elimination and will solely be put collectively once more in the event you had the ability and information required.


A number of centuries in the past, the Europeans grew to become reasonably taken with what we’d class as an engagement ring, however was then known as a Poesy Ring. This ring was given to a beloved one as a type of promise, and signified constancy and love. The Poesy Ring was provided as a pledge of everlasting togetherness, a lot as as we speak’s engagement rings are provided as a promise of everlasting marriage.


Throughout Colonial occasions, all gadgets of jewellery in America had been prohibited on account of their obvious ethical worthlessness. As a substitute, a extra sensible thimble was given as a token of affection and as a pledge of everlasting togetherness. Nevertheless, after they had been married, the ladies tended to take away the underside of their “engagement thimble” to kind a kind of ring.

Historical past Of Engagement Rings

The engagement ring of as we speak additionally has its personal various and fascinating historical past, a few of which is explored beneath. Engagement rings have been identified by many various names, have symbolised quite a lot of various things and haven’t all the time been made from valuable metals and beautiful gems!


The traditional Greeks are thought to have been the forerunners within the rising of the normal engagement ring. Given as a token of care and affection, the rings utilized by the Greeks had been generally known as betrothal rings and got earlier than marriage. Nevertheless, the giving of those rings was not all the time a pre-requisite to marriage and was usually given in the identical approach as a friendship ring is perhaps given as we speak.


As seen by their use of the marriage ring, historical Romans weren’t probably the most sentimental of individuals, and the early model of their “engagement ring” had been thought to have carved keys on them. It has been debated that this might have been to symbolise the girl’s proper to entry and personal half of all the pieces following marriage. Nevertheless, the extra sentimental wish to assume that the important thing might have been a key to her husband’s coronary heart.


Engagement rings as we all know them as we speak – beautiful gems encased in valuable metals – grew to become standard in across the fourteenth or fifteenth century, when the prosperous and the royals started to change and put on these jewels. Nevertheless, this stuff had been so costly that no person aside from the royals and the wealthy may afford to change them. It was to be many centuries earlier than these engagement rings would turn into extra standard or conventional.

Why a hoop?

The aim of engagement rings and marriage ceremony bands is to convey deep feelings of everlasting love, everlasting happiness, everlasting dedication, and everlasting togetherness. In truth, these rings signify eternity – between the giver and the recipient. A hoop, in fact, is an entire circle with no break and no finish or starting, which signifies that it simply goes on and on – it’s everlasting.

And, since folklore has it that the fourth finger of the left hand has a vein main on to the guts, it is just pure that each engagement and marriage ceremony rings could be worn on this explicit finger, which was as soon as reputed to be a direct path to the guts.


In brief, it’s clear that the giving of a hoop in honour of a union, betrothal, and marriage has been occurring since historical occasions, and though it could not all the time have been as glamorous and romantic as it’s as we speak, it was nonetheless a approach of exchanging a contract of betrothal or marriage.

Fortunately, as we speak’s marriage ceremony bands and engagement rings should not made from hair, grass, vegetation or twine as they could have been in historical occasions, however of gorgeous metals set with beautiful gems, corresponding to platinum, titanium, white gold, gold, sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. These unbelievable gadgets of jewellery are more likely to stay as standard as ever because the centuries go by, and whilst the remainder of the world advances in to a futuristic and technological age, it is arduous to think about a day the place a gorgeous diamond engagement ring would not soften the guts of its recipient.